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BAND / Album /
Группа Альбом
Аркона От Сердца К Небу
Аркона Во Славу Великим
Коса Ярость
Темноврат В молчании Северных Лесов
Четное число Дневник Маньяка
Чиста Криниця Симфония Життя
1917 Neo Ritual
1917 Vox Fatum
40 Gradi Hi-tech Re-search
Aanal Beehemoth Forest Paranoid
Abigail Williams Legend
Ablach Aon
Abominable Putridity In The End Of Human Existence
Acephala Infaction Cerebral Occupation
Acephala Divizion By Zero
Adastra (Fin) Death Or Domination
Aeon An Extravagance Of Norm
Aglaomorpha Perception
All Shall Perish The Price Of Existence
All Shall Perish Hate.Malice.Revenge
Alfa Eridano Akhernar The Myth
Altar Of Giallo/Proctalgia Split
Al'virius Beyond The Human Nation
Ambrazura Storm In Your Brains
Amnion Cryptic Wanderings
Amorphis Far From The Sun
Anaal Nathrakh When Fire Rains Down From The Sky…
Anaal Nathrakh Domine Non Es Dignus
Anaal Nathrakh The Codex Necro
Ananda Profane
ANATOMY Overtreatment
Andralls s/t
Angel Of Disease Hypercube
Anorma Hellucination
Annotations of an Autopsy the Reign of Darkness
apolion Death Grows Into Sperm
Apokefale Apokefale
Arcanum Sanctum Fidus Achates
Archetype Rise The Blood Slaughter
Architype Trinity
Architects(u.k) the Here and Now
Armaggedon I.N.R.I.
Arsis As Regret Becomes Guilt
Artery Eruption Driving my fist Through Her Chest
As Light Dies Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage
Ashen Light Кровь Апокалипсиса
Astarium Dethroned of Impostor
Astel Oscora Wormshire
Astral Division Spadyum
As4del Nowhere
Attol Nerat Two Pipes B34To Heaven+B67
Atolah Relics
Ave Sathanas Religion Of Pity
Avulsed Reanimations
Aura Hiemis While The Rest Of The World Sleep…
Awaiting The Autopsy Couldn't Tell The Bodies Apart
Azure King of Stars - Bearer of Dark
Balam Akab Sacrificio
Balance Interruption Era I: Nuclear War For Rescue
BODYSNATCH Universe of gory tales
Barbarity The Wish To Bleed
Because the Bean La Catena Umana
Black Funeral (USA) Vukolak
Blood Duster Menstrual Soup 1991 Demo
Blood Devotion Defile Of innocence
Boreal Wind Ultima Thule
Born Of Osiris The New Reign
Brutal Disaster Chapter Sick
Burden A.D. Anno Dominator
Carnal Diafragma Preparation Of The Daddy's Steak
CARNAL FORGE Aren't you dead yet?
Catacombs Echoes Through The Catacombs
Catacumba Legioes do Abismo Ato I
Cavandish Evgenica/Cavandish
Cenotaph Putrescent Infectious Rabidity
Cephalic Impurity Unique Brute Revival
Cephalic Impurity Perverted Surgical Concept
Cephalotripsy Uterovaginal Inseration Of Extirpated Anomalies
CEPHALIC CARNAGE Conforming to abnormality
Circle Of Contempt Artefacts…
the CROWN Doomsday King
Colonize the Rotting Composting The Masticated
COMPOSTED Sexual transmission: Simplex slam
Converge The Long Road Home
Corporectomy Within The Weak and The Wounded
Criminal Vagina In Cunt We Trust
Crionics N.O.I.R.
Cryfemal Perpetua Fenebre Gloria
Cryptic Infinite Torment
Crystal Clear Payback Time
Cruel Face of Life Le False Utopie
Cyanosis Concelving Abhorrence
CYNIC Re-traced
Dagor Dagorath Yetzer Ha Ra
Dark Prophecy Darkness Empire Prophecies
Dark Revenge Cult of Assassins
Dead Mask Under Luciferian Wings
Deaden Hymns of the Sick
Deaden Feast on the Flesh of the Dead
Deathbringer Homo Divisus
Death of Authority Drowned in Blood
Death Dies Product of Hate
DAYS OF BETRAYAL Decapitated for research
Deathsound A Story of My Western Borneo
Decaying Purity Phases of Dimensional Torture
Deferum Sacrum Septicaemia
Dehydrated Suffering from…
Demonic Chorals Power of Immortal Hatred
Deny The Urge Blackbox Of Human Sorrow
Deny The Urge Subsequent Confrontation
Despondency Revelation IV (rise of nemesis)
Deus Otiosus Murderer
Devadata Emotional Breakdown
Devoid of Grace Chaos-New God
Devoid of Grace Psychotic Journey
Die Entweihung The Hallucinations
Difteria Radical Mutilation
Diminished Chain Saw Cunt
Divine The Noise Attack Creating The End
Divizion-187 В Милосердии Отказано
Dominus Praelii Holding The Flag Of War
Drama Winds Choir Opera
Drastique Pleasureligion
Dreamlore Black Plague Possessed
Dreamlore/Symbolic Split
Drugged Into Sunlight
Dual-Coma Reprogrammed h.a.t.e.
Duodildo Vibrator Light My Fire
Dyscrasia Septical Stomach-Pumped Remnants
Dysentery From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh
Ease Of Disgust The Shell
Ecleptic Sunset From These Dried Lands
Eden Beast Passivity Causes Genocide
EGEMONY Baptysm of the unborn
Ego Depths/Dispersive Light Split
Endless Gloom Audiodead
Enfold Darkness Our Cursed Rapture
ENGAGED in mutilating Population: Zero
Engorriment Spreading The Sickness
Embryonic Depravity/Gorevent Malignant Opus of Inherited Depravites
Emperor Emperial Live Ceremony
Emtiness s/t
The empty tomb THE EMPTY TOMB
Epitome Superotic Experience
Eriaminell Enraged
Extreme Vaginal Antiform For Every Kill Moments
Extrovert Silver String
Evilheart Storm of Annihilation
Eviscerated Selftitled
Fading Waves/Starchitect Split
Far From Mind Break point 33
Fatal Band Cornered
Fear Inside Human's Disgust
Feeble Minded Pernicious Intergrowth
Fellsilent The Hidden Words
Fermento Recipe for Creamation
Fitcage Pighumanity
FOE Madness
Forensic,the The Becoming
Forgotten Chaos Victorious Among the Damned
Frozen Ocean Vestigial Existence
Foul Stench Eternal Rot
Funeral Depression Past Depression
Funeral Tears Your Life My Death
Gauntlet's Sword …And Night Became Darker,Wilder + Demo
Goathemy Torn
Gonorrhoea Schizoprenia Like Syndrome
Gorepot Extreme Bongfest
Gortuary Awakening Pestilent Beings
Grazed Dragonsneeze
Grenouer Try
Grenouer Border Of Misty Times
Grenouer Presence With War
Grimness (Italy) Trust in Decay
Gronibard/Anal Penetration Split
GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT The Slow Decay of infested flesh
Gutted Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell
Gutted Mind Brave New World
Hate Erebos
Hatred Dark Trauma
Harmony In Grotesque Decade In Siberian Swamp
Hell-Born Darkness
Hellveto Medieval Scream
Here Come's the Kraken The Omen
Horror God Cold Shine
Howling Void,the Shadows Over The Cosmos
Human Filleted Blunt Force Embludgeonment
Human Parasite Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe
IceThrone Beggar's Song
Infection Code Intimacy
Infernal Nature/Mucous Scrotum Split
Infiinite Hatred Hateful Spell
Inexist Погружение
In Element Act of Stamina
In Element Synthesis
In Flames The Jaster Race/Black Ash Inheritance
Insidious Decrepancy Extirpating Omniscient Certitude

Ion Dissonance Cursed
Ion Disruption Troops Of Eternal War
Immortalist Progressive Demise
IMPALED Death after life
Inhein Pestrapture
Insidious Torture Lust and Decay
Insight After Doomsday Aware
Intestinal Alien Reflux Illegal Aliens
Intestinal Alien Reflux Exogenocide
Jagal Dangerous Toys
Jagal Monster Of Insanity
Jasser Arafats, the Condemnation
Jesusmartyr The Black Waters
Kalpa The Path of The Eternal Years
Kali Yuga/Varhorn split
Kangaz Korva EP
Karsten Hamre/Vlad Jecan Split
Khors Cold Ways
Killdaddies/Underhills/Way To Go! Split
King Stench Visions of Death
Kogai Hagakure

Krief De Soli Procul Este, Profani
Kwelhekse/Feuersturm split
Lake Of Depression/Crepuscularia/Kvazar/Source of Deep Shadows Split
Lamb Of God Killadelphia
Little Dead Bertha Dead Years Of…Live
Little Dead Bertha Way Of Blind
Lividity The Age of Clitoral Decay
Lobotomy Legions of Beelzebub
Lowfat / Onset of Serious Problems Split
Luna Ad Noctum Dimness Profound
Lycanthropy CerberusWerewolves
Main S3ke War against…
Malignancy Cross Species Transmutation
Malignancy Motivated by Hunger
Malodorous Amaranthine Redolence
Malveillance Just Fuck Off
Malveillance Consentir A l'absurde
Masachist Death March Fury
Mastodon The Workhorse Chronicles
Meads Of Asphadel, the The Early Years
Meads Of Asphadel, the/Old Corpse Road Split English Black Punk Metal
Medea Декаданс
Metallica St.anger
Metallica Some Kind Of Monster
Metuja Hullnus Anteloi
Mister Sir Mister Sir
Moon Devil's Return
Monumental Torment Element of Chaos
Morbopraxis Instruments of Carnal Torture
Moredhel Burn Your Local Church
Morgue's Child From The Cunt To The Grave
Mortuary The Diary of A Victim
Mournful Gust She's My Grief…Decade
Murder Delirium T.B.O.I.A.H.M.
Murder Intentions A Prelude To Total Decay
Mystica Dreams In Real Forms
Nachtgeblut Strange Man to Ancient Times
Nar Mattaru Пробуждение
National Napalm Syndicate Devolution Of Species
Naumachia Black Sun Rising
Necrotic Flesh Gore Gourment
Necrovile The Pungency of Carnage
Neurosplit Prophet Encrypted Future Contingency
Night Must Fall Funeral For A Mankind
Nalvage Worship Dehumanization
No-Big-Silence War In Wonderland
Non Opus Dei Diabolical Metal
Nowen Nothing But Hate
Nuclear The Broken Codes
Obtest Is Kartos I Karta
Odar Zavjet Dalekom Snu
…Of Celestial The Strange Infinity
Ophis Withered Shades
Oranssi Pazuzu Muukalainen Puhuu
Orifice These Are The Flowers That I Love To Smell
Our Survival Depends On Us Painful Stories Told With A Passion For Life
Outcast Massmurderfantasies
Painful Defloration Antihuman Antisocial
Painful Defloration Esthetic Research Loboratory
Pantheon I The Wanderer And His Shadow
Parricide Patogen
Pathek VIII Videothrash
Pathology Incisions Of Percerse Debauchery
Perverse Dependence Gruesome Forms Of Distorted Libido
Pistons We're Pistons
Pistons Besthoven
Plague Angel Stagnation of Christ
Planet Gemini Wicked
Posthumous Blasphemer Putrespermfaction VS …
Postnecrum Estruendo De Legiones
Prejudice Megalomanic Infest
Profundis Nokturn
PSYCHOFAGIST Il secondo tragico
Psycho Injected Screaming Jiwa
Pulverizer Feasting on Diabolical
PUTREFYING CADAVERMENT - Necrosadistic defilement
Pyphomgertum Gorific Carnal Confession
Rafferty Rules Name Your God
Rainwill Canvas
Rapture Sinister Creation
Raven's Bane Sorrow Breeds
Redif I
Redrum Mephisto Opressor
Redrum War Blood Honour
Redrum World_De_Termination
RenChei RenChei
Reprisal Scars Killing Art Of Self Deseption
Repulsive Dissection Cut Open The Aberration
Rigor Sardonicous Resus Ex Mortuus
Rigorism The Source of Suffering
Sacradis Damnatio Memoriae
Satanel Nato Dal Fuoco
Saturnalia Temple Ur
S.C.A.L.P. Чужая Война
Screaming Forest Black Kingdom of Lusth
Serpent Christ Mortuus In Anima
Sexual Sickness My Fuckin Nurse
Shredding Consequences Against the Corporate World
Sickening Horror The Dead End Experiment
Sidus Tenebrarum Born From The Dark Rib
Sinful Omyt
Sinful XIII Апостол
Short Bus Pile Up Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery
Skitliv Amfetamin
Solarward As The Sky Stares Down
Somberlain Sick art Work
Sonneillon Polymorphous
Sorrowful Winds The Age Of Dreams
Sostrah Tinnitus L'odore Del Ramo Spezzato
spanking hour Revo(SO)lution
Soulburner When sanity is lost
Spite Extreme Wing Kosmokrator
Step on It Street folklore
Strong Stench of Balance split
Suburban Terrorist/Sepsis Respectignorence/Collection of Body
Sufferatory Pseudophilosophic
Suicide Silence The Cleansing
Sullen Route,the Madness Of My Own Design
Supplicium Ressurection…
Svarrogh Lady Vitosha
Tangorodream Under The…
Tartharia Abstract Nation
Tartharia Over The Top
Tartharia Tartharia
Tenebris/Ordalium In War We Trust
Teofobia La Venganza De Las Bestias
The Fury Hide Innerkiller
Themassacremustbegin Themassacremustbegin
Thedead Dieilydie
Thelema Fearful Symmetry
Therion Live Gothic
Thrashgrinder Seeds of Revolution
Ticket to Hell Man Made Paradise
Tiran Demonia
Tjolgtjar Ikarikitomidun, Lord Of The Forest
Total Death Recollections
Total Fucking Destruction/Twenty Seven/Gardenbox Split
Trauma Archetype of Chaos
Triptykon Eparistera Daimones
Trollech Svataboj
Truculency Eviscerate The Paraplegic
Tsaraas Шепот Забытых Сердец
Undermorphine Healing
Under The Scythe Истина В Тебе
Unearth III: In The Eyes Of Fire
Unlucky Grave Blast from The Underground
Urgrund Disciplies Of Suprimace
Urt Saatanhark I - Puha Soda
Vaginal Diarrhoea Well Fuck Me Dead
Venduzor Covered by the Blood
Venuspuls Herzschlag Des…
Vermis Mysteriis Пламя Ярости
Vociferian Gloroficia Bestialis
Vomitous Surgical Abominations of Disfigurement
Vulvectomy Syphilic Dismembered Slut
Vulvectomy Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation
Yogth-Sothoth The Dark Waters Are Shaken
Zion Drakula
Zuul Air Raid/On The Run
Wafat Exhausted Soul
Wafat Surga Itu Gelap
Wedding In Hades Elements of Disorder
Welicoruss Wintermoon Symphony
Wicca Splended Deed

Britannia Infernus A history of Brittish Occult & Black Metal
Daze of Underground A Tribute to Hawkwind
Deadly Visions vol.2 Castrum,Redrum,Loits,Cremaster
Legacy of Metal vol.1 Apokefale,Tartharia,
Norsk Svart Metall Taake,Urgehal,Mord,Krypt,Deathcult…
Silesian Butchers vol.1 Monoceros, Psilocybe, Nuclear vomit
This Comp Kills Fascists relapse artist